Old Y! Answers format is back?

It might just be temporary as they fix some of the more glaring problems with the half-baked format they foisted on us a few months ago, but I'm hoping that enough people managed to get through to them.


Yeah, I've been using the Canada version, but when I logged into the US version this morning it had reverted.

Apparently it was only temporary though - as it appears to be back in it's unusable format again.

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    No they have not come to their sense at all, in fact they are now going to be rolling out the new format on the UK..Ireland site.

    The new format has been coming and going for some on the U.S site.

    You can still use the old format at http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/

    Read the UK blog.


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    i love the new layout

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    Not for me :(

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