Why does my Yahoo answers screen not have a submit button like the tour says?

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    That is just one of the many annoying problems with the new format, the submit is missing for me too.

    You can try holding down the Ctrl key and click the minus key and it may show up.

    What you also can do is go to http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/ which has the old format and you can answer there. It is all the same q&a.

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    The submit button has moved. It is now at the lower right of the answering box, instead of outside and below the box. It is now directly opposite the Add Media link.

    Depending on your screen size and resolution, you may need to scroll right to find it. Try that and see if it works.

    Also, make sure you're in Open questions.

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    It's free pal...What more do you want

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