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Why are dew-claws removed?

I'm just curious as to why its done. Not that its wrong, but never understood why breeders do this for just about all breeds. I know with cats, no claws are (or should be) removed unless there is a major health problem.


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    Working dogs, such as hunting dogs, search-and-rescue dogs and police dogs, usually have dewclaws removed to keep them from snagging on vines, fence wires and similar objects. Retrievers and hounds moving quickly through brush could cause trauma to their feet if a dewclaw snags. On the other hand, if you participate in sports like agility with your dog, the dewclaws give Fido an advantage. Since they can grip when hitting the ground, they can aid in the tight turns that make the difference in scoring. If you own an older dog that hasn't had his dewclaws removed, there's probably no reason to schedule an appointment to do so unless they're giving him a problem. If you have a puppy with dewclaws who hasn't been spayed or neutered, ask your vet about whether the procedure is necessary. If you and your dog live an active lifestyle outdoors, consider dewclaw removal. If you and your dog are more indoor types, there's little point in removing them unless they are very loosely attached.

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    Dew Claws Removed

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    Dew claws are removed so they do not hang up on things and rip off, or get torn, then they have to have surgery.

    That is what all the hunters do, the dogs running through the bush's and woods, it is to protect the dogs.

    You don't have to, but I always recommend it, even a pet, can get them torn loose.

    At the No Kill Shelter where I volunteer 3 times per week, our Vets will remove them if a dog comes in that has not had it done. They will not adopt out a dog before neutered/spayed and dew claws removed.

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    Well, aside from what has already been said, some dogs have it on their front feet and rarely they have it on the back and sometimes both. I had a dog who had back dew claws and they were not removed during his neuter surgery by previous owners, and his back claws had no bone in them or anything. So they were very limp and I had to keep the nail trimmed so it wouldn't get caught on anything because it could rip off. He was able to function just fine with them though because he wasn't all to active. They're best removed at a young age when they don't require stitches because when you decide to leave them and they may get caught on things or are just a burden and you have to get them removed during their spay/neuter, it takes them longer to recover and they require stitches and must be kept Very clean because they infect easily. So sometimes people leave them if it's not an issue. (back ones are usually always removed though, front ones are usually more stable)

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    I adopted a GSD from a no kill shelter. Dew claws intact. He uses them to "hook" a leg or hold onto a favorite outside toy. They are a trait that dogs develop. I understand that owners dont want the dog to suffer if dew claw is snagged. But guess what people they have them for a reason. I will not have my guys' removed as it is unnecessary. And he has 8.7 acres in a mnt rural area. He has done just fine. Through a willow infested area(coyote sneak in area) all kinds of rural adventures. No problems. Why mutilate your dog? Yes I agree with spay and neuter programs so unwanted dogs are not abused.

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    because the mostly serve no purpose and are easily torn and broken ...

    "The vestigial digit is easily seen on a dog. It is also known more commonly as the dewclaw. It serves no purpose and is located high enough on the dog's paw that it does not touch the ground."

    "The concept of vestigiality applies to genetically determined structures or attributes that have apparently lost most or all of its ancestral function in a given species."

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    Because the dew claws scratch the ladies rib cages when their dogs mount them.

    From a very, very old veterinarian joke. And I apologize most profusely for that.

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    With whippets it's quite disgusting. They get the dewclaws out simply for the sake of not being bothered to cut them. I don't know about other breeds of dogs.

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    my dogs had them removed because they get snagged on stuff my labs had hers ripped off she got snagged in a wire in the barn

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    ******** Blud

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