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¿nesecito la letra de la canción de blue ghost riverboat gamblers?

doy 50 puntos al que me de la letra de esa cancion

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  • hace 7 años
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    Riverboat gambler

    drinking alone on the prow

    chasing your bourbon with tennessee gin

    the big game's about to begin

    Riverboat gambler

    hiding that ave up your sleeve

    i can see through all that debonaire style

    the irony bending your smile

    And i won't tip your hand

    i won't do you in

    i want to stay near you

    i want you to win

    Riverboat gambler

    you can defy all the odds

    you can draw diamonds to fill out your flush

    you can find someone to trust

    And i won't steal your chips

    i won't steal your pride

    won't you take me on faith

    won't you let me inside

    Riverboat gambler

    under our velvet and lace

    you're an old vagabond, i'm a poor waif

    let's make a place that's safe

    Riverboat gambler

    come on and let me inside

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