How can I take a phone service to court?

Hey guys, how are you? anyways I'm sure there are question like this so many times and I apologize. My only reason I do it again is because when I ask the question I have a clear answer of what I'm asking. But yes of course... the best answers come from those who give it out. Anyways my question is how can I sue a phone service who likely is T-Mobile which recently got on to being a prepaid low payment no contract service, and I just recently joined. Anyways they are claiming that I owe some amount which I won't proclaim here but yet they want me to pay it because it was not made during the activation date which is 3/27/2013. I have the service, I have the phone with me with service which is a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G and yet not in my T-Mobile and my bank account have any payment posting. Now I don't know if my bank is hiding something from me, or T-Mobile charge me some payment which was paid but they claim it was not done and they want me to pay the amount that should be paid fully for the phone. Ever since I got the amount bill I been trying to solve the problem to see if I really need to pay it or not, but yet I realize it's not a payment that I have to do. Me and my wife argued because of this issue which is really dumb about but yes. Anyways I am looking for a place to go and see if I can get something done at the court because they won't do it as long as they think they are big guys. If someone who lives in San Diego can refer me to a good court that be great, near the zip code of 92102. Thank you very much and hope you have a great day.

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    You need to setup a consultation with an attorney to determine if a case is worth the costs involved. Many law firms have free consultations, or you can setup a free consultation through your local bar association.

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