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¿urgente idioma ingles ayuda porfavor, una carta en ingles?

Estoy en exam... Me podrian ayudar a realizar una carta en base a una queja de mal servicio en un hotel de vacaciones... Porfavor ayuda!!

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    In this space we will post the complaint letters created on unit 1

    remember that the complaint must include:

    1.- Date

    2.- Name of the person to who is directed the letter

    3.- Position of the person

    4.- Introduction

    5.- Description of the complaint or disgusting situation.

    6.- Specific objective request within deadline or date due

    7.- Formal greeting.


    Sample Hotel Complaint Letter Regarding Cleanliness

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    My family and I recently took a vacation to San Antonio. We chose to stay at the (hotel name) located at (hotel address). We stayed there from Friday, May 14th to Tuesday, May 18th. I have enclosed a copy of our receipt. We picked your hotel because of the location, and some positive reviews I had read online.

    We had a great vacation and enjoyed visiting the Alamo, Sea World and other sites. We liked the restaurant at your hotel, and the location was perfect. However, we were very disappointed in the cleanliness of our room.

    We found hair on the bathroom floor when we arrived. In addition, the floor had crumbs and needed to be vacuumed. On our second day, when we returned, we noticed that the beds had not been made, and cleaning staff had not visited. I did call the lobby desk and ask, and they said they were understaffed and unable to do it on that day.

    While I do understand that low staff can cause issues, we did pay for full service. Therefore, since our room was not cleaned, we would like a partial refund.

    You may discuss this further with me at any time at (806) 443-2342. Or, feel free to email me at

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Valerie Vacationy




    I am writing to make you aware of the unbelievably poor customer service I have received at the Hilton Garden Inn [location removed]. I cannot find a more appropriate email address for customer satisfaction-related emails so my apologies if this email does not reach the right person.

    I travel frequently for business and have been staying at exclusively Hilton hotels for the past few months. My HHonors number is [number removed]. I have become accustomed to receiving top-notch customer service at Hilton hotels, but your Garden Inn in [location removed] appears to be quite the exception. I am staying at the Hilton Garden Inn [location removed] for the week and handed three dress shirts to the night manager last night to be dry cleaned today. He assured me that they would be ready this evening to be picked up. Upon checking at the front desk this evening, the same night manager said that the laundry had not even been taken to the cleaners. In fact, he showed me that the bag was still sitting behind the front desk. More than 24 hours had elapsed and the bag had not moved an inch! Astounding! The man blamed his coworkers for not reading the note that he left for them and took no responsibility for the debacle. I also noticed that he would not look me in the eye as he delivered this news which felt very strange and disingenuous. He apologized on his coworker’s behalf and offered to pay for the cleaning, which strikes me as the absolute least he could do. I am now forced to meet the same important client tomorrow while wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Wearing the same clothes for multiple days in a row is unprofessional and really, quite embarrassing.

    I understand that people sometimes make mistakes, but my bag of laundry has been sitting in plain view behind the front desk for multiple employees to see. I’m not sure how many times dry cleaning is taken out each day but I’m really shocked that no one had the awareness to wonder why a dry cleaning bag did not move from it’s spot for their entire shift. Not one person made an effort to provide that basic level of customer service to me over a 24 hour period. Dry cleaning is a standard hotel service – the bags are provided to each customer in every room. This is not some extravagant perk that is only provided to loyal HHonors members like myself. This is a basic service which I expect from any hotel that I stay at and is essential for me to maintain a professional image with my clients. Because of this, I am not sure the Hilton brand is capable of providing basic services while I’m on business and am considering to stop staying at Hilton altogether in the future. I believe the only fair remedy for this unfortunate situation is to provide a refund of my total price of my stay.





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    Al usuario Ichigo le digo que debería hacer un examen para que le evaluen el español ya que tiene muchas faltas ortograficas además de l. a. fea costumbre de escribir eliminando letras (poner solo l. a. q, para decír que). Escribiste: verciones y debe ser versiones. Escribiste: yo ya lo hize... y es yo ya lo hice...

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    dime que quieres que diga la carta y te ayudo amiga

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