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what's the liquid that comes on the head of the penis when there's an erection?

its nt sperm for sure...

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    It's pre ejaculatory fluid, and it's produced by the Cowper's gland.

    It serves two purposes, first, it clears any stale urine out of the urethra, since there are chemicals in urine that can damage sperm.

    Secondly, it acts as a lubricant to aid penetration of your partner, and make the thrusting during intercourse easier.

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    Two types of fluid come out during erection-- pre-ejaculatory fluid, or precum as it is called, and semen. Precum is a syrupy, clear fluid that may drip out in a few drops or if a guy is really turned on and he is prone to producing precum, may actually leak a steady stream. Not every guy produces precum or enough to notice, but most do produce some. Precum is usually not felt as it is produced, so it can leak out without the guy realizing it- usually feeling wetness is the first sign a guy notices when leaking precum- and it can leak out even when not erect.

    Semen is the fluid that comes out at ejaculation- and is forcefully pushed out through contractions in the lower abdomen. No one ejaculates and not realizes it-- it is an all over body experience (the climax or orgasm) and so the body tenses and then the semen is forced out in spurts. Semen can be clear but is usually cloudy, white or even grayish. Can be thick and chunky or runny.

    Sperm are your tiny cells that are used for reproduction, and can be in precum or semen-- and are so small they are not visible to the naked eye. Have nothing to do with making semen white either. Your average semen load of 1 teaspoon may have 200 million or more sperm, but they would only make up a drop of the total volume of the fluid.

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    As described by the previous responders, it is pre-ejaculate, or pre- c-u-m

    Please do not be fooled into thinking it does not contain live sperm.

    Those little suckers are swimming around in there non-the-less,...just in smaller numbers than are present in the ejaculation.


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    This is like lubricating oil to shaft before entering it into the piston to start pumping.

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    Nature's lubricant.

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    it is pre-ejaculate, it happens when you are aroused, in anticipation of sex. some men produce lots, some produce very little

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    Ohhhhh that ****!!! It's super stringy!!! Like drool sorta haha wtf anywaysss it must be for preparing for sex but it's not semen

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