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Was Angelina Jolie right?

Angelina has recently had a double mastectomy which is a very major operation.

The reason she had this is because she has been told there is an 84% probability of her eventually contracting breast cancer and she decided to have this horrendous operation in order to cut down the risk of contracting the condition.

Do you think she was right to have this operation?

I feel that she was wrong for two reasons:

1) There is still a 16% chance that she will not contract breast cancer.

2) The fact that she has had the operation, even though it may cut down the risk, it does not guarantee that she will not contract it.

What do you think?


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    I don't think there is a right answer and it's down to the individual to consider the risks vs benefits of this decision. I'm not sure which way I'd go. The bigger question is, what type of cancer I was at risk for and what the survival rates were. This is a decision a person needs to make with their Dr based on their individual medical history.

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    hace 8 años

    i think she was right i mean ik there was a chance tht she wouldnt get it but still 84%is a lot plus if she got the cancer there would be loke almost no way to survive it easily cuz it could get all over her body but wht she did was brve and reasonable

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