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Cancer fundraising idea?

On the ninth anniversary of my surgery for breast cancer my daughter is planning to get tattoos.

Dots to match the ones I had applied for my radiotherapy alignment.

She is planning to get people to sponsor her and will donate the money raised to my favorite cancer research and favorite cancer support charities.

Just wondering what other people think of her idea.

I think she is awesome!


She is asking friends/family to sponsor this as a spectator event. First 3 to pay $100 or more get to attend, if she raises over $150 she will get it videoed and post on her facebook for them to laugh. Given she is a big sook (24 years old) and hates needles it will probably be funny.

It is only 3 dots (about size of a pen spot) that she is getting!!

Actualización 2:

She has a cousin (my nephew) who is a tattoo artist so she is trying to con him into doing them for her for free.

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  • Lark
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    She's obviously awesome for having the heart and the creative mind to want to uniquely tattoo her body with the hope that doing so will raise funds in honor of her mother. That's impressive dedication.

    I'm not sure how effective it will be in terms of fundraising, but there is a possibility that it could raise a bit, especially if people are generous. Is she willing to put dots over her entire body, or is she going to concentrate them in one area? I would be careful about going overboard, because as meaningful as the idea is, she might later regret having hundreds of dots visible to all for the rest of her life. I think it would be cool if the dots formed a quote, an image, a constellation, or something, like the aboriginal dot art. Most tattoo fundraisers have involved tattoo artists volunteering their time and then donating the proceeds to a cause rather than one person getting a tattoo and raising funds, but maybe she'll be the trailblazer. She should definitely utilize social media to publicize the fundraiser. Most non-profit organizations have tools to help you create webpages for fundraising events on their behalf, and she could Tweet, Facebook, and Tumblr the link for it. My sorority just used a Facebook app called Karmalot to raise funds for St. Jude's on Facebook, and it was a breeze to set up.

    I wish her luck!!! It seems like she's innovative, so if the tattoo idea doesn't work out she could probably try other things. We do an art fundraiser twice a year that brings in a surprising amount. There are also a lot of marathons and runs that fundraise for causes.

    ~ skylark

    Edit: For some reason your additional details didn't appear on my screen when I answered the question, so a lot of what I wrote isn't applicable, haha.

    Okay. Good. All of that makes more sense! I was worried she was going to wind up like that girl in Holland who made international news after getting stars all over her face. O.o

    She could put the video on YouTube if it really is humorous, and if it "goes viral" then she can apply for partnership to earn a tiny amount per view. Sometimes it can add up. For example, I used to be a partner and earned a little over $2.4K for one video that crazily got about 1.5 million views. Tons of people with humorous videos get waaaaay more views than that. Just a thought. : )

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    I remember those 3 dots! So Little yet so painful! LOL Cute Idea! :) Best of luck with it.

  • Tyler
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    I think it's cool she wants tatts in support. I think ur cool for thinking she's awesome. not sure about tattoo idea to get funds raised tho


    i think that a lot of people dont like tattoos so that would make me worry they wont support it, and if it's just friends/family then it wont get that much awareness... but i guess every $ counts :D what about if ur nephew just volunteered his time for a day and donated all $ to ur charity? i think that could raise more $ because tattoo artists earn a lot, and that way u would be getting people who already like tatts

  • Anónimo
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    We did like a poker thing for bikers for my mom

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    Wife beating contest!!

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