which guitar amp has more power? or its better?

65 watts RMS at 8 ohm/95 watt RMS at 4 ohm


90 watts RMS @ 5% THD, 2 ohm load

thats all the info i have

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    The data is incomplete. Without a distortion figure, you can't make a comparison.

    Also, you're not considering the speaker. The efficiency of the speaker is a HUGE component in how loud a guitar amp is. I've got a 22 watt Fender with a very good JBL speaker in it that can chew up and spit out most 100 watt half stacks.

    That all said, you asked which amp has the most power, and discounting the distortion factor it would be the first one. I'll got with it because the spec says it can produce 95 watts into 4 ohms. If you take the second amp (which has the spec at 2 ohms...which is BS and I'll explain why in a minute), I would estimate that at 4 ohms it would only produce about 45-55 watts. So there.

    Now, why is that 2 ohm load BS? Because I have never seen a 2 ohm guitar cabinet. Most are 8 or 16 ohms. There are a few that are 4 ohm, but you would have to hook 2 of 'em up to get a 2 ohm load if you're trying to pull the max power out of your amp. I hate manufacturers that put crap specs on their stuff...they're just going for big numbers. Unless they've got an electronics background, most people just gravitate toward the bigger number.

    OK, after all that, which amp should you get? The one that sounds the best to you. Forget the wattage unless you're going to be playing an arena anytime soon (and even then, pick the one that sounds best).

    Wattage is a logarithmic function...not linear. That just means it takes a whole lot of change in power to change the volume a little bit. When you double the power, you don't double the volume. Double the power yields a change in volume that's just barely perceptable.

    Want to double the volume? It will take 10 times the power!!! So, if you want twice the volume of a 50 watt amp, you'll need 500 watts!

    Again, don't get hung up on the power ratings for a guitar amp (now bass amps, that's different). Buy for tone. Anything over 15 or 20 watts will be loud enough to play small rooms. If you need more volume, put a mic in front of the amp and run it through the PA.

    Good luck.

    Greetings from Austin, TX


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