do this subs and amp match?

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  • hace 8 años
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  • hace 8 años

    they are speced out properly only if you wire each sub up to a separate channel although as you get to the upper ends of power you might get some noticeable distortion. DO NOT bridge them or you will blow out your speakers in a second. me personally? I would trash the 8 inches and go with something bigger like a 12 or 15. even one 12 with the same power ratings will hit harder than those two 8's by a long shot

  • hace 8 años

    looks good. but id go with CX10s there built to handle the 600 watts the amp will give them them 8s .. make sure you dont bridge them .n the Cx8s are going to be overpowered with the amp by well over 200 watts. they wont last long like that

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