What other country kills their own children while at school like we do here in USA?

I'm in shock with the tragedy that has struck our lives as a nation, with the school shooting that happened today in Connecticut. America, USA, without any wrong self assumption, but with humble honesty, I can say, I know we are a great nation, (only by the grace of God), nevertheless, there are things that happen here, that are so wrong, there is so much pain self inflicted. We are killing the most innocent, vulnerable people, our own people by ourselves, not by an outsider, not by terrorist, not by other country but we are killing ourselves.

Most animals, (excuse me for the illustration, I don't mean to disrespect anyone), I can't stop to think about this, but most animals do Not harm their offsprings, but protect them fiercely. And we, who are the strong, intelligent human beings, kill our own blood... I am without words... We need God in our lives IF we want to see something different that what we already have. Your opinion is welcomed.


I did NOT mean the government, I meant WE THE PEOPLE, the common citizen, the regular people of this country are turning against their fellowman.

Actualización 2:

I did not mean the government, what I meant was that we the people, the regular citizens of our country turn against their fellowman. Thanks.

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    There is violence all over the world. In Africa, women and children are raped and brutalized on a regular basis. Japanese in WW2 killed thousands of Chinese children, and don't get me started on the Germans in WW2...

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    We have certainly had too many of these shootings, in malls, movies, schools, at an open meeting with a Congresswoman. It's not the need for new laws, we already have laws to keep complete lunatics from buying guns. Is it the secularization of society? Possibly. Maybe it's the inability of society to lock up its lunatics anymore. Guys who think they're the joker from batman or some other whack job can't be placed in an institution until they demonstrate that they are a threat to themselves or others.

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    Simple: band guns.

    1) Look at the facts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_... and you'll see America ranks in the bottom half of nations with 13,000 murders per year. That's 4.2 people per 100,000. In comparison Japan is #4 and had just over 400 murders (that's 0.3%!).

    2) The "there will always be psychopaths" argument is invalid. Let's swap the situation: imagine you are trying to lose weight. In one country, it is acceptable to eat whatever you want. In another country unhealthy foods are illegal and extremely frowned upon. It's America's casual view on guns that tell children subconsciously (or not so subconsciously!) that guns are perfectly acceptable.

    3) Look at the some of the countries with the lowest murder rates: Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. These countries have between 0.1 and 0.6 guns per 100 people. In comparison, America has 89 guns per 100 people. If you look at every country with lower murder rates than America even some 'dodgy' countries (according to redneck Americans) like China, Syria, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Afganistan, Iran (etc) you will find they ALL have significantly lower murder rates.

    4) Of all the countries above America, 75% are developed and maybe only 5-8 of those 100 countries allow guns. If you look at the countries below America, guns are legal virtually everywhere.

    You only have to look around, you don't even have to look at the facts. I live in the UK and there has NEVER been a shooting in the UK in neither my generation or my parent's generation. All murders are either family/gang related and usually only one person dies. We have NEVER had these random shootings. America has several every year. The main reason is 2). There are psychopaths in EVERY country, but why is it America is the ONLY developed country that has them? In such a conservative country, guns are viewed so leniently. What do you do? Sign a petition calling for guns to be banned! It will take time to actually see any effects, but within a few generations when guns become more taboo there be virtually no shootings.

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    America has a do as I like mentality, just a wired bunch of idiots.

    Asot has a very poor memory, I know unlike him that Hungerford is in England and it happened there.

    I think he got his stats got caught in his brain.

    Educate to dump firearms today. Why would anyone want one around the house.

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  • hace 8 años

    Do you really think the government did that?

    Why did you select the country to generalize rather than the state, the continent or even the world? Do you have an agenda?

    Wait until more information comes out, then you can unfairly generalize about religion, race, education and economic status.

    Just wondering: why don't you blame the actual shooter instead?


    Please excuse my criticism; I'm afraid the shootings have affected my nerves also.


  • hace 8 años

    We don't need god in our lives. I, like most people in the UK, don't believe in a god.

    It's a horrible thing to have happened but so many people know about it only because it happened in America, and America is so involved in the media. Worse things go on in other countries that go unreported. In some 3rd world countries homeless glue sniffing children get shoved in bags and beaten all the time. I'm sure there are worse things that go on in this world.

    I like tragic things like this. It makes life a little less boring.

  • hace 8 años

    Nowhere else in the world, there are so many kids and teenagers on psychiatry medications like in the USA. That's a fact.

    Get facts - fight back!

    All school shooters were driven mad by psychiatry drugs.

    Hannity s America with Doug Kennedy on Antidepressants


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail

    Psychiatric Drugs and Violence


    Youtube thumbnail

    Psychiatry's Prescription for Violence


    Youtube thumbnail

    prozac: drugged for school shootings & suicide


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail

    Fuente(s): www.cchr.org
  • Cody
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    Because you think guns are a good idea. This will never stop when you give individuals so much easy-to-use killing power. No one will do that much damage with a knife.

  • hace 8 años

    Death is beautiful. Maybe we should all just shoot ourselves in the head. It will be wonderful. I want to shoot myself in the head, but I can't get a gun.

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