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is sleeping pills the best way to suicide?? or there are other ways of suicide?

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    We are so sorry to hear that you are feeling so much emotional pain that you are contemplating suicide. Suicide isn't the answer, no matter what problems you are dealing with. Know that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Please contact the Boys Town National Hotline and speak to one of our trained counselors. Our counselors are available 24/7 to help with any type of issue. We are concerned about your safety and want to help!

    Counselor, MT

    Boys Town National Hotline


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    I've actually tried this and it failed and happy that it did.

    I took about 5 or 7 sleeping tablets and I was drinking alcohol with it so it would have more effect but all I felt was my heart and lungs about to burst and It hurt so much and I just blacked out.

    I woke up the next day so happy becauseI didn't die.

    You will change your mind when it actually comes down to it.

    Seriously, suicide is not worth it, if your unhappy talk to someone you trust or get a therapist. Everything get's better if you try.

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    I hope you're not asking because you're considering it.

    There are plenty ways to suicide, but suicide in itself is never the answer.

    In religious aspect, God put us on this earth, only he has the right to say when we should go home.

    In retrospect, when you were a child with hopes and dreams, did you ever think of killing yourself?

    There are tons of people who will always have it far worse off than you do. Many fight cancer to survive, so isn't kind of selfish to willing take your own life?

    Everyone has something to contribute to the world, to make a difference, and a positive impact.

    Giving up and taking a breather from the stress of life- reevaluating what your goals are and assess what it will take to achieve happiness is much better than the long-term effects of death where you don't get a second chance.

    I really do hope this question was a theoretical question for a book report or something. Otherwise, if nothing I've said made an impact and you really are considering such a course of action, please take the time to seek medical help. You only have 1 life, it's precious.

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    Man why do you wanna committ suicide? I've been in your poisition once before in my life and have been very glad to not have gone through with it!

    No matter tough the situation you're in is, it still ISN'T WORTH IT!

    Think about all the things you'd miss and the pain you'd place upon your loved ones!

    Don't do it man! Don't do it!

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  • Alfred
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    hace 8 años

    you're probably young enough to be my son- therefore a good, big, warm hug is hereby sent to you-from here-in spite of the distance-to begin with..

    you're at the utmost age of growing and flourishing in every way-on one hand and a very difficult age-too-on the other hand...

    ''phone medicine'' could be never good enough at this point- and additional questions are to be asked in real life... and yet... you do sound to me depressed deeply and severely enough to probably urgently need the professional help of a psychologist or psychiatrist thereof... with no delay... even ut takes your immediately getting to the Emergency Room...

    anyway- please- for your health- immediately let your parents exactly know what you're going through -and ask for help...

    heed the fact you're just another unique, unrepeatable pearl of Mother Nature- threrefore entitled- at least as much as everyone of us- to a normal, happy, dignified life...

    heed the fact that NO ONE and NOTHING is worth your paying the price of your life- whatsoever...

    stick to life... ask for and timely get the help you need...and may life come your way... and may it smile to you in return... may you overcome your life's hardships... may you make all your dreams come true...

    I hereby urge you and beseech you as well- refrain- repeat-REFRAIN-from ANY form of even trying to self- harm or take your own life... it would be the LOUSIEST on Earth permanent solution to temporary problems... it can leave you- such a ''try'' - both physicaly and further mentally disabled for good... and you obviously deserve better than this...

    May God bless you-and protect you from all harm ...including self-harm...

    with your kind permission-I am too much of a blunt ignorant -on one hand- and my being nurtured by apostolic souls ''armed'' with human hearts keeps/ precludes me from directly answering to your question '' as is''...

    Fuente(s): I am a Family Physician-living and working in Israel... good health... at any given moment-inasmuch as you feel like further ''talking'' about what you're going through-please feel free to add me at alfredfein@yahoo.com
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    hace 8 años

    Suicide will take you to Hell. Turn to Jesus and Pray, and read the Bible. Then you will find peace.

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    hace 8 años

    i'm gonna do it sometime now. ... i'm sorry but yeah, i am

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