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Making your pet a star?

Ok if someone approached you from a cat or dog food company and wanted to use your pet in advertising would you do it? What if the food they were using was NOT what you would feed your cat/dog cause you felt it was not the best? Would you still let them use your pet in advertising and take the money.......or turn them down and tell them why?


Not saying I would or its been asked of me - just that I see "purebred" cats on some foods that I would not want my cat to be advertising. Personally I'd turn them down because if I'm not feeding my cat/dog that food, I'm not gonna be promoting it with my cat/dog.

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    I would not do it because I only feed food that have no grains or gluten. I believe we should feed only good quality pet foods so the pet has less chance of getting allergies and less yard waste.

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    Most likely turn them down as our cat would be miserable doing it and her happiness comes first,but if she was a happy chilled out cat i would still think twice about it,for example it was some poor dietary food was being advertised then i would be giving false advertisement as our cat has healthy skin coat and clear eyes and has bundles of energy,so if i let her do that for a poor food then i would be giving false hopes to other cats owners,they would think wow our cat can be that well on that food but of course they wouldn't as our cat wouldn't be on the food advertised!,

    i would say my cat isn't on the food advertised too best be honest even if they don't like hearing it,as for making her a star she is already in our eyes anyway lol!

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    Unless you really need money, i would say turn down the offer. because, number one, other people who know you and your cat will probably recognise it in the advertisement. Then when you don't buy that brand, they'll be all like ' why you didn't buy that brand?! ' . And then you aren't happy with this either. So don't do it. If this brand is bad, then advertising it would make people angry with you. Like, ' I only bought this brand 'cause I saw your cat on the advert!' So yeah, don't do it.

    Unless you're short on pocket money.

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  • hace 8 años

    i would say yes cus its only a 1 time thing except if the cat dose anything wrong so then they would have to do it again....

    and i dont think they will give your cat something bad to eat that will make him/her sad...

  • hace 8 años

    Cover it in oil, set it alight, rocket it into the atmosphere and hope it stays there.

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