How can I spend time alone without my boyfriend feeling bad?

Last weekend my boyfriend went on a trip. Since I was alone,I spent a lot of time writing and then I realized I had stopped writing in my diary for a long time and I wasn't giving myself enough time all to myself. That weekend was able to think things through and focus on myself.

Today I turned off my cell phone the whole day so I could be alone and my boyfriend called me at my house. He asked me if I wanted to go to a party. When I said no he felt really bad. I explained I wanted to be alone. I could tell from his voice he felt sad. I see him at least three times a week because he lives extremely close to my house. What do I do?

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  • hace 8 años
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    You see each other to often (im assuming) you should explain to him that you just need a minute to kinda find yourself. He might not want to understand because he wants attention and that shouldn't be a bad thing but attention needs to come in increment's and not be blotted constantly.

  • hace 8 años

    Everyone needs some time to themselves! He should respect that you just need some alone time. Just explain that he didn't do anything wrong and it's not his fault. Tell him to go have a night with the guys or something. Good luck girl! :)

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    hace 8 años

    Be frank with him and tell him that you need your alone time. simple as that

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