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Why does category change from OPEN to RECOMMENDED after I answer a question?

(in the Homework section, if that matters.) I want to only see OPEN questions, b/c they are current. 7:35 Pacific Coast time. Thanks.

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    Because they didn't design it very well, imho.

    The Question Recommender is a new feature that's being tried out (beta tested) off-and-on with random users.

    It might sometimes be a useful feature, but as you noted what's bad about it is that when you click on a category it defaults to the Recommended tab instead of the Open tab. Sorry, you can't turn that off, nor can you turn the Recommender completely off. although using a different browser may help (right now I'm seeing it using IE but not using Firefox).

    I agree that I don't like it much either, at least not as a default setting, which is why I made a comment about it on the blog (well actually 2 comments because the first one didn't show up right away) and suggest you do too:

    You could also post on the Suggestion Board. There are already several threads there.

    You might have noticed that we haven't seen the "new" ratings system for quite a while. That was because of the feedback Yahoo! got about it.

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