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How do I get the RECOMMENDED tab to show up?

My desktop does not show the RECOMMENDED tab. It does on my netbook computer. Both run IE although at different resolutions. There is more than enough room to show the tab on the desktop though. Is there a setting somewhere that must be changed on my desktop Y!A?


I think I had the Recommended tab on my desktop at one time, it is suggested that I was just the target of random testing then, my netbook is now. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it always came up as the default tab. As far as content, it did very well in second guessing the questions I was interested in.

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    The Recommended tab is in beta, so not everyone has this tab.

    Having beta access or not depends on cookies placed on your computer (since you can opt out of the beta by clearing your cookies), so you can have beta access on one computer but not on another, even though you are logging into the same account.

    I hope this helps!

  • Walken
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    Meanwhile, some people want to get rid of the recommended tab. It used to be part of Yahoo! Answers not too long ago. Yahoo! Answers are probably in the process of removing it since some people have it and some others don't. As far as your question is concerned, I don't think you would want to have the recommended tab. You cannot get it to show up anyway. Though, at times it might show up.

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    No way, sorry. It is in random beta testing right now. Most folks seem to hate it, so you may be in the minority by actually wanting to have it.

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    No, there's not and it's being beta tested right now so only a few users are seeing this feature.

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