I have fear of marrying the wrong man, Help me!?

We are engaged, but lately, I feel that I'm not physically attracted for him, this is important or am I being a superficial person? He is like an angel with me, He treats me well and his family loves me, but I'm confused!

What i should do??

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  • hace 9 años
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    I'd put it the other way:

    Are YOU the right woman for him?

    In my own experience, I have to feel real attraction for a woman's beauty in order to make love to her, some ugly girls have been very nice to me and I have loved them so much but only as a friend since in bed I know I'd be a fiasco and that attemp to make things work out when one person don't fit into that situation only would ruin our good friendship.

    They say that women are less superficial in that aspect and I've known very pretty young females so happily married with ugly middle aged (interesting and gentle) men, but...

    Your case is strange.

    And marriage is quite important, I guess...

    But I wonder why you start saying that you found out that you're not physically attracted for him, then: Why did you accept to marry him?

    I guess you liked him a lot more before and maybe now whether you're having cold feet or your intuition tells you about something that he has that maybe you seem to dislike, otherwise if he's like an angel to you and treats you nice, what are you afraid of?

    Still, it's time for you to take a sincere desition and I'd better suggest you speak to your heart about it and visualize objetively in prospective how life would be married together, the pros and contras.

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    Of course, initially, physical attraction is what brings two people together. In as little as a few months, after the "honeymoon" period is over, and the realities of life set in, some people realize how much work marriage is. Our society is so obsessed with instant gratification that if things aren't what they thought, they can back out without even really giving much effort. The question I have is what happens when your marriage lasts and you both change physically? I believe every marriage evolves to where it becomes an emotional attraction and attachment rather than a mainly physical one. Either way, you will have to address the issue of physical attraction (or a lack thereof).

  • hace 9 años

    Physical attraction is a tricky and misleading type of intuition to have faith in. The most important is how he makes you feel in terms of love, forgiveness, emotional support etc. Sooner or later, looks will not be important to you anymore. You will be attracted to inner beauty. Look into your heart not your mind. Good luck!

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  • Rick
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    hace 9 años

    It hard nowadays to hear about men that treat women properly. If he is really that nice then you should really give it a shot. You might even fall for him again. Dont do anything you might regret later. But also consider his feeling.

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  • hace 9 años

    Either you should back out now, or you can still get married, and divorce him a few years later if it doesn't work out. Marriage isn't the end all be all... Remember the ol'saying, live your life to the fullest, if it doesn't work out in a few years atleast you knew you gave it your best shot. No point staying in limbo or half assing things.

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  • Friend
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    hace 9 años

    If u dont love then leave but to be loved is better than to love

  • Alan B
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    hace 9 años

    leave , take a short break, you will soon know what to do

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