Is it legal to transfer deed to family member to reduce down payment on an additional home?

My sister owns a house in Connecticut and a house in South Carolina. She wants to buy a third house in South Carolina, but the down payment will be $30,000 more than she can afford. This down payment is $30,000 higher than she expected because the two South Carolina houses would be within 50 miles of each other. Her idea to reduce the down payment by $30,000 is to transfer the deed of the South Carolina house she already has to my mother's name. My mother would then pay my sister for this house at a later date. Would it be ethical and legal for them to do this? What if my mother decides not to buy house number two from my sister and transfers the deed back to her? If the deed transfer is just temporary, could my sister's mortgage application for the third house be considered fraudulent?

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    Why would that change the down payment? Makes no sense. Unless your sister intends to fraudulently claim that the house she is buying is going to be "owner occupied," which would be a difficult claim to make if she already owns a house.

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    Can't yo make your mom the owner and then if she doesn't want it, rent it to someone?

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    you ought to have somebody draw up the papers for you, you do no longer want a criminal expert yet until you comprehend somebody who does that in many cases i might propose a criminal expert. you will ought to have a sparkling deed and all events ought to sign the deed on your brother to have sole possession of the abode. It shouldn't fee you lots and you gets a criminal expert that makes a speciality of that! solid luck!

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    please reply back to my tangent line comment!

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