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Super heroine character name. Which one should I choose?

My character is beautiful, powerful and successful. I found some names that mean "beautiful". Which one sounds the best (or you find the most interesting).

Akila (African)

Ora (English)

Calissa (Greek)

Thank you!

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  • hace 9 años
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    Akila. Hands down.

  • hace 9 años

    Omg I like all of them! I'm most attracted to Akila, though the other are very nice. I wouldn't mind reading about any of these names XD

    Ora is my favorite name, just because my DNA of me being me tells me that it is my favorite name. And Calissa is the prettiest, makes me think of a sea goddess. but for some reason I just like Akila. Maybe because it's slightly wild and very Amazonian ;D

  • hace 9 años

    Calissa. Hands down.

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