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Were you worried about Chad (CCM)?

I have just heard that he is now on hospice care with his pain being managed and on a feeding tube.

Just an update for anyone who has noticed his absence on this forum.


Add: diagnosed only about a month ago with prostate cancer with extensive metastasis. decided to not undergo treatment.


Actualización 2:

He is now on hospice care as an inpatient, so no longer trying to deal totally alone. He has friends visiting him there, that is who passed on the information.

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    Tarkarri, have you been in contact with him? Is he still alone? To me, that would be the hard part . . . the being alone.

    I'm rather new to this forum ("joined" the cancer club only four months ago), but I do remember reading his posts.

  • april
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    hace 8 años

    Who is that T??

    Is he the one with prostate cancer?

    Oh yeah, I remember.. How did you find out?? I had a hard time finding the whole scenario completely believable. Maybe I was wrong...

    lol thanks J! It was more his attitude and comments than anything else...but I guess, everyone's different.

  • JLI
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    hace 8 años

    I sure remember him. It is good to know that you were able to be supportive.

    @ April:

    I believe that at the time we had a whole swarm of "cancer pretenders". So in a sense your reaction was understandable. I for one know that you are not a bad person.

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