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Why would someone asking questions regarding breast cancer block all the top answerers in the cancer section?

Particularly those who have been through breast cancer?

Is it because they have their own weird agenada or are they just scared of contrary opinions?

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  • hace 9 años
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    I don't think i got blocked. Oh dear, am I less brilliant than the rest of you? nicer? meaner? not famous? Boo hoo.....

  • april
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    hace 9 años

    We don't go along with their crazy 'Susan Komen is prejudice against men and other cancers" spiel.. Guess I know what brought this question on lol

    They aren't really sincerely asking a question, just wanting to start a controversy.

    Yup Denise! Aww Thinking, keep trying!

    Oh and I've been blocked by a couple people asking about brain cancer! oh and also that Bill guy who says he has lymphoma, is cured, but is starting chemo...

    Fuente(s): i had brain cancer
  • Anónimo
    hace 9 años

    Hum, sounds like you are talking about Patriot Gay aka SofaKing aka Susan Komen Sucks, if so he is an idiot who has a hard time getting a woman and therefore hates us all.

  • hace 9 años

    Denise said a mouthful. Thanks Denise. I think I am the first one he blocked...oh, and he has changed his name now...

    You see: Only HIS Opinion counts, so he doesn't want to hear it from any of us.

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