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What is the racial / ethnic make-up of Mr Martin's girlfriend?

We always hear about GZ's parentage, but I have yet to hear about Tracey Martin's gf. Seems like an oversight in journalistic coverage. If you know, please tell, and cite your source. And please stay on this narrow topic. I do not want your opinion on the case at this time. TY.


YaYa - I sure hope MISTER Martin's girlfriend who lives in the house Trayvon was headed for is over 18. Everyone needs to read my question more precisely. The race of everyone else is in play, so I reasoned the adult girlfriend's race should be known, too. In fact, I have not heard of the racial make-up of the gated community yet, either; in a case that may deal with racial profiling. That is why!

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  • Yaya
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    What possible difference would her racial/ethnic make-up be to the case?

    The media does NOT report on the eye or ear witnesses if they are also under 18 years old out of respect for their privacy and safety.

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  • uc410
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    who gives a damn about race.

    the only fact that matters is the violent attack and the use of force in self defense.

    the only crime that took place was the violent attack on zimmerman.

  • hace 9 años

    I believe the girlfriend is Black. Just heard her voice when they played the tape. She sounds Black to me.

  • Karl
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    hace 9 años

    how is it your buisness

    it is not relevant is it

    this question is in bad taste shame on you

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