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on April 19, Yahoo! Answers started not having a scrolling panel, what happened?

There was no way to scroll the screen avilable, and there was no mention of an error on the page. What's wrong?

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    I have the same problem. The site is pretty much useless without the scroll bars. I've switched to Firefox and the scroll bars are there in firefox but not IE.

  • hace 9 años

    Same issue here as well, with IE. Can't change to FF, as it is not an allowed browser here. I have to 'shrink' my page to 75% to even be able to find the SUBMIT button to post an answer. Going from bad to worse here!!

  • hace 9 años

    mine IE 9 works normally, clear cache, and cookies, update JawaScript, and Adobe Flash Player.

  • hace 9 años

    ^what she said^

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