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Why are Puerto Ricans tolerating a referendum that is rigged?

The upcoming referendum to determine their status is rigged (weighted) to favor statehood through it's two part process. The first referendum gives the people a choice of status quo or "something else". Keeping things the way they are as always been the most popular choice in straight-up referendums in the past. This referendum pit it against the combined power of 3 other choices in the form of "something else". If the latter wins, then "something else" is voted on in........a straight-up vote, where statehood would be the popular choice.


A proper referendum that actually wanted the most popular vote to win would have a straight-up vote of all the choices, 4-5 in this case. This is as far as it's gone in the past. To do this one better, take the top most popular choices that add up to more than 50% of the vote and hold a run-off of these choices. Repeating this process again if necessary. This is how almost any other election that goes into "extra innings" would be done.

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    Doesn't sound rigged to me.

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