What do you think? He call "his friend" the woman he was flirting with by phone/internet, but I'm his wife.?

I heard him m-a-n-y times telling her how desperately he loved her and needed her. I confronted him, I was about to div_rc_ from him, we went to counseling and a year has note passed yet and he still answers the phone when she calls him, he doesn't look for a way to block her #, I investigated how to do it and it's possible to block her #. He bought his sister a pay cellular phone, the kind you charge with calling cards. Well, he had to try the tel to see if it works, so guess what # he used to try the phone...? Yes, her #. And when I checked the phone to see its call log (because once you have been cheated, you cant' stop thinking "what if he still calls her") guess what I found? Yes, he called her # and she called back the # that was calling her. I was feeling guilty of not trusting... him and from checking the call log, I said to my self, "well you aint going to find anything". Well, after I checked the phone, I just couldn't believe it, he called her from that prepay phone. When I confronted him, guess what he said? "I didn't know that was her #, I was at work, with my co worker, and cause I had to try the phone, I used 'a # that was on a paper but had no name on it' so I tried it". And I asked him, why you didn't reach your blackberry to dial one of your relative #s? He said: Oh I did not think about that, it didn't occur to me. "If you want", he told me, "come with me to my truck so we can clean it together of any papers left there... He is very un organized person who does not write down details and many many times doesn't write the name of a phone. I asked him, if she calls you why don't you just hang up and avoid her. And he said, "well she is my friend and if she calls me I can't be rude to her... by not answering her call." But this is the woman that he even told her by phone that he will visit her in his next trip to his country that was going to happen in the next month.

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    Its never easy to re trust a loved one who broke that trust you had. to me it sounds like he wants his cake and eat it to. its never easy to walk away but at this stage nearly a year on he hasn't change id be saying its over. You deserve a lot better and who knows time apart might give him the kick in the a** to realise who he really wants. good luck and remember your not at fault in any way

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    it really is not any vast deal except someone makes it a huge deal. consumer-friendly experience will inform you that no individual owns yet another man or woman yet at present we'd want to be politically proper. i in my opinion do not locate it offensive and declaring "my guy" or "my lady" has always been an illustration of pride in my relationships.

  • I don't know you so ill be brutally honest and only because I care in a weird twisted stranger way in which I can kinda relate...You are stupid for letting it go this far..give his A#S the ultimatum your his wife and you don't deserve this SH#t...life is too short and a man is only gonna treat you the way you let him treat you..get a dam backbone and put your foot down you deserve better cause he's half~assin u.....

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    Snow, you are correct, his behavior is unacceptable. Put your foot down and tell him - if he visits her, or continue any contacts - you will file for divorce. Good luck

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    Say hello to the 7 dwarves.

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    If you still have any of that apple left you might want to take a bite....

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