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I need to travel with my 12 months baby to buenos aires. Anyone knows an easy to install car seat booster?

My baby is 10 kg so I can't use the standard seat boosters yet.

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    Booster seats aren't what your baby should be riding in at all. A baby of that weight should be either in a rear facing infant seat or a convertible seat. A convertible might be a good choice since your child could sit rear facing and when she outgrows the rear facing seat, your baby would then be turned to face forward. The best convertible seats are rear facing until a child is 40 pounds depending on their height. The seat is then generally turned forward until around 70 pounds.

    A booster seat is forward facing and meant for larger children. Please stick with a seat that is designed for a child weighing 10K.

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    I suggest posting this question on it's a US based site but they have a forum just for international car seats, plenty of users there live in Australia or are at least familiar with the options there.

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    Go to Walmart and talk with some one there they will help you out

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