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problems with yahoo answers?

so who else is having problems with yahoo answers. i'm in the automotive section and getting other questions other than automotive. last week in travel and got computers..the other day answered a question with a 10 word reply and was told i had 283 misspellings

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    I've been having some Keyboard..issues--missing letters/on some POSTS..

    But I found a USB-powered HUB-was acting up--worked on that--and the situation has grown alot less..

    Yahoo runs really good--no real problems..

    There are some connectiviity--things that seemed to have changed..

    But-I use a Core 2 Duo processor and high speed RAM-the webpages move very quickly(snappy)..

    Last week--it seemed many people were NOT--on the internet--visiting Yahoo Answers..

    The last days--I have been very busy--not making it over here either..

    I really don't get into the classification stuff--I have enough to do.

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