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Ocimom preguntado en PetsCats · hace 9 años

What kind of cat would you never own and why?

For me I have 3 main cats I would never own.

1. Any long hair cat - I just do not have the time or patience to do the combing and grooming.

2. A munchkin (just do not like the deformity of short legs - cats are meant to leap high and climb)

3. A Sphynx - I like fur on the cat. Personalities of Sphynx are great, but no hair is a turn off for me.

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    In reality, I don't think I'd care to own any purebred cat - I have no need for a purebred; I wouldn't care to spend so much on a cat that would essentially just be a pet; and I don't really think there is any purebred available that I would love more than just a domestic.

    That said, I wouldn't like to own a Sphynx cat either - might be fun, but not my cup of tea - nor would I like to own a munchkin. That deformity is just too odd.

    I wouldn't care for any hybrid, especially a Savannah. I also wouldn't care to own a cat that had incredibly long hair - a longhair in general I don't mind, I'm just not interested in the ones that are so long-haired they are downright bushy. I tried to find a picture as an example, but failed - however, my friend had one and the upkeep was insane.

    Overall, though, I'm pretty open to most cats.

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    hace 7 años

    I love all cats, although my least favorite is the Siamese.

    I love fluffy cats they just look cuter, but yes they are more work, and leave allot of fur around the house haha.

  • hace 6 años

    honestly other than Sphynx and Munchkin cats I would be fine.... But I like soft cuddly furrry cats so the sphynx isn't for me... and the munchkin cats... Well I feel sorry for them because they have something wrong with their legs (in my eyes) and it could probably cause problems for them...

    Also I love the look of savannah cats but I don't think I could cater for their wild tendencies that come from have wild ancestry... SO I probably would never own any cats like them either...

  • hace 9 años

    I really love cats! I have had many over the years and have three DSH's. Those are the only cats I have ever called my own.

    I have known and loved many more cats of friends, family, and clients. I have decided that I also would not like to have a long-haired cat for the reason that you state. I would also however not like to have either a Bengal or a Siamese.

    I have only known one Bengal and I adored her. She is a cat of some former clients and I saw her every week and sometimes every day when they went on vacation and I visited her every day. What a nice cat! But she had some odd obsessions with peeing in water which I have heard some other Bengals do too. She pee'd in the toilets (not too bad), in the cats' water dishes, and in sinks with water in them.

    That was weird but not too, too awful. What was awful was her need to continuously comment on everything. Almost all of this talking was in response to something a human said or did. She remarked on everything only stopping when she was asleep or out of earshot.

    Bengals are beautiful but if she is representative then I wouldn't be able to live with one and keep my sanity.

    There have been a a couple of Siamese cats and a half-Siamese in the family. They were all feisty and talkative but the late "Bitsy" was a terror. Not only did she talk she yowled.

    And I realize this doesn't really represent aggression on the part of the cat and was only play but she 1) hid behind doors and under furniture to ambush, bite, and kill any passing feet - horrible, horrible barefoot and dopey at 6 am, 2) lurked on top of doors and closets to leap on unsuspecting heads, especially people getting up to go to the bathroom in the dark, 3) would curl purring and blissful in a lap then without warning bash the person in the face one two, one-two, one-two.

    Those were only a few of her games. After her attacks she would scamper away with her tail up - happy.

    I would not be able to live with such an animal even understanding that her behavior was not ill-intentioned. I need predictability and quiet in my life.

    I guess any other sort of cat besides the above would be fine with me. They don't even need to be pretty - just nice!

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  • hace 9 años

    Totally agree with your 2 and 3. I also don't like the fact that the Sphynx has to be kept warm since it lacks fur, that it needs weekly baths since it has no fur to absorb the oils and that care needs to be taken so it doesn't end up with a sunburn. Same with dwarfism in the Munchkin. How are either of these traits that are beneficial in the least bit to the cats? I know the argument with Sphynx's is that it was a "natural mutation". Well Sphnyx kittens now don't come from a "natural mutation" they come from selective breeding of pedigreed Sphynx's.

    As for the Munchkin I've seen the "rejects" from this breed. We had some local backyard breeder trying to breed for dwarfism and the kittens end up at our shelter. One with front legs longer than the back, another with front legs that DID NOT BEND!

    I actually love longhaired cats and have two of them. My Persian needs to be combed at least every other dday most of the year to keep his coat from matting then once he gets his lighter summer coat only once a week. My RagaMuffin only needs a weekly combing since their coats are virtually mat free. Neither of these cats sheds much, either. The main shedder in my home is my Exotic Shorthair.

    My #1 "cat I'd never own" would be a tie between the Bengal and Savannah. With all the breeds we already have - and the millions of shelter cats and kittens - I really don't see why we're now breeding domestic cats with wild cats to make more breeds. I also volunteer as a Ring Clerk at cat shows and have seen quite a few judges bitten - and at least 75% of the time it's a Bengal. They're also just SO damn loud! As for the Savannah I think it's a bit ridiculous that people are willing to pay $3K to $35K just for a trendy cat. If you've got that much money to piss away why not instead donate a few thousand to your local shelter? People would be FAR more impressed with that!

    edit: Michelle - though the Persian is more prone to colds turning into URI's due to their short faces they're NOT more prone to eye infections or UTI's. Have you ever owned a Persian? I have for over five years and he's had one URI, no eye infections and no UTI's. Where are you pulling this info from other than thin air?

  • hace 9 años

    I have had many cats over the years and I would have to say that I would never ever own an oriental cat of any kind. The Oriental cats tend to be very vocal and very needy for attention. It is like having a screaming 2 year old child all the time. They are very destructive and have a serious need to shred curtains, furniture, window screens, etc... I had a persian several years ago and have decided that I would not ever own one of them again. With the extremely short face they tend to get eye infections, upper respiratory infections and have a tendency as a breed to get UTI, not to mention the hair that is in constant need of grooming and cleaning up after. I loved all of my cats, but so far my absolute favorite has been just a plain old farm cat. She is healthy, smart, short haired and fun to play with.

    Fuente(s): As I stated, I have owned a persian and dearly loved that cat. I am simply stating, that from my experience and from the mouth of the vet that cared for my cat, he developed eye infections, URI and UTI as a result of being the product of irresponsible breeders. The eye infections were directly related to him having such and extreme face, as well as the URI.
  • hace 6 años

    Just something to say about long haired cats to people that say they don t want one. My entire life growing up my parents have only every had short hair cats. This is what I was used to and the thought of wanting a longed haired cat never crossed my mind, UNTIL I rescued this little boy kitten who s mom died. I found him in an abandoned old van on my parents land in Plattsburg NY. His mom was with him but she was dead(she must of died for malnutrition). He was only about 8 weeks old and I HAD to have him. He is a long hair and brought him to the vet to find out he is a purebred Nebelung(like a long haired version of the Russian blue). He was healthy and now he is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn t be happier with owning a long hair cat. He actually sheds half as much as my short hair cat and when you hold him cat hair does not stick to you like my short hair cat s hair does.

    I brush him about every other day for about 10 minutes which is not a pain to me because he loves it. (I can see how grooming a cat that does not like it can be a pain though) He gets a small matt in his hair every now and then that is easy removed with your fingers spreading out the knotted hair.

    So if you are on the fence about getting a long hair cat I recommend it. I think long hair is beautiful on a cat and I find they shed less and it doesn t stick to everything like short hair does. Long hair tends to form balls of hair around the house instead of just on everything.

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    probably a sphynx I dislike the lack of fur as well. I mean if it was in need and had no where to go fine but I wouldn't adopt it myself lol fostering it yeah w/e.

    Other than that, probably a hybrid. I dislike the practice. Again, I'd foster one but I wouldn't buy and support the breeders.

  • hace 4 años

    Well, I have in order to admit I love girls with long hair... for me, the longer, the better... I honestly can't think regarding anyone who looked better with brief hair

  • Warren
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    hace 7 años

    Ocimom, I agree with your list, but would add hybrids, I have heard too much about behavior problems, and I have a basic problem with how they are created. What happens to all those F1 - F3 generations that are created in the process of producing the F4 and F5 kitties that are sold as pets? Do they all find loving homes with owners willing and able to deal with the challenges of raising what can be a pretty wild animal?

    To those who object to the breeding of purebred cats: You want to allow all of the wonderful and special breeds, natural and man made, that we have grown to love to become extinct? You want all future cats to be mixed breeds of unknown genetic history? I don't have the numbers, but I would bet that registered purebreds comprise a relatively small percentage of the kittens born every year compared to mixed breed pets who are allowed to reproduce by irresponsible owners, and of course feral cats. I think that those who run and support TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release) programs are doing God's work and walk on water. If the last two problems are taken care of, breeding of purebreds would NOT be a problem!

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