Dry hump and period? Would you try it?

I was going to have my boyfriend over for this romantic dinner, watch a movie and well... see what happens later (no sex). But I just got my period and I'm afraid that might ruin stuff. Girls, would you dry hump if you had your period? Guys would dry hump if your girl had her period. Please be honest, but respectful. Thanks!

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  • hace 9 años
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    Wouldn't that be abit too messy? I know it's a way of pleasure without the penis entering the vagina, but wearing a tampon/ pad, while he's rubbing against you, it's kinda disgusting, blood would go everywhere, and it might be abit painfull. So, the answer to your question, no I certainly wouldn't dry hump on my period, just wait until you've finished your period, make him wait! ;)

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