That is a long term punishment to both feet. Toes become deforming after years of wearing. Cannot run with it. It sets up a quite dangerous situation while facing accident like earth quark or robbery. Women still consider that was a fashion and they must follow this uncivilized act to punish their own feet,WHY ? We laugh at those stupid acts in the past like putting rings to extend woman's neck, compress woman's waist with tight dress, bend woman's feet to make it small,inject jelly to enlarge nipple. Why women still continue to wear high heel 12" shoe for hundred year ??


If you are a woman to answer my question, please also give me a vote for your opinion :-

[ YES ] for insist to wear high heel shoe even you knew it is bad for your feet.

[ NO ] for woman who again to wear high heel shoe.

[ UNDECIDED ] for woman who wear it occasionally like in party,big event meeting.

Actualización 2:

I saw high heel shoe was worn by a movie star, the heel angle almost reaches 60 degree. She was short and she used this way to gain 10" or 12".

3 inches heel shoe can be considered as a high heel shoe. I means at least 5" heel is high heel shoe or tilt the shoe heel angle more than 45 degree shoe.

Actualización 3:

REMARK: see this link for 10 inches high heel horrible woman shoe ............


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  • Miaka
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    hace 9 años
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    They don't deform the toes and I can run in heels just fine. I can also fight in them, which I've actually had to do before. Also high heels are not 12 inches. Most are around 3-5 inches. It makes me feel sexy and most guys like them too. Also extending a womens neck and the other examples you mentioned are not stupid. They are apart of a certain culture. I'm sure they think the way you dress and talk is stupid as well.

  • hace 9 años

    Okay, I've never seen a 12" heel, but it is a woman's decision as to whether or not she'll wear heels. For the record I think heels can be everything from elegant to hot. Some outfits just don't look complete unless they include a great pair of heels.

    I have always said if I were a woman, I'd wear heels every day. I just love them.

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