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does anyone know an affordable hall for a wedding?

im having about 150 guests at my wedding and im looking for the cheapest but good looking hall in san diego

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    Check this web site out

    Wed cheaper

    They have venue San diego

    There are some on there

    The Mission Beach Women's Club

    You have 110 guest, must end by 10pm

    $900 for six hours

    Marina Village

    Bayview room -holds up to 250

    Sun $1,800; Sat $2,400; fri $2,200

    Captain's room -holds up 280

    Sun $1,350; Sat $1,800; Fri $1,400

    Sunset room holds up to 190

    Sun $1,875; Sat $2,500; Fri $2,250

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    hace 9 años

    well. you can search it online

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