How can I find out the SMTP on any email address?

I have recently got an e-mail address eg. ''. I have tried to configure it to outlook express, i can receive messages, but cannot send them, i can via, my host/e-mail client i use to receive messages says to check with your ISP to get smtp info, i have the following smtp info, but it does not work: ''. Would i need to involve my purchased domain or my domain register? - Any help would appreciated! - Thank You in advance!

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    In a typical internet account, you can receive email via any company you want - typically whoever the @domain is with - but you can only send using the ISPs own mail servers.

    Basically it's locked to the ISPs own customers so spammers cannot send email through their system.

    Even with this restriction, more and more ISPs are requiring passwords or some form of security to allow emails to be sent.

    For sky:

    The smtp server is correct ( but sky also needs authentication - go to the 'outgoing server' setup in you account settings, and add the login & password info.

    The login is your full sky email address and the password is the sky email password.

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    Scrap most of my previous answer. I have done some research on this. does not offer SMTP, you therefore have to send your emails through Sky's servers. Sky do not like you doing this but it can be done if you have a Sky email address. Sky issue all customers with an email address so you could get the information for it by calling them.

    Once you have your email address and email password for your sky email you can do the following. (Based on Windows Mail - Instructions are similar for other Email programs)

    1, Open Windows Mail

    2, Click tools and then accounts

    3, Double click on the email account on the list that isn't working

    4,Click on servers from the tabs at the top

    5, in the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) box type ''

    6, Tick the box that says My server requires authentication and then click on the Settings button

    7, Tick the option that says 'Log on using' and enter your sky email username and password in the box

    8, click on OK and then click on the advanced tab

    9, Change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port number to 465 and tick the box that says use SSL encryption. Leave the POP one as it is.

    10, click on ok

    That should sort it.


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    Think you need to set MX records in your hosting control panel, but as 000webhost is mainly a free hosting set up, you probably aren't allowed to. You could do it at your domain name registrar, check your control panel to see if you can, otherwise what you could do is to go to google aps and take a free google aps account and set your MX records with them. Then you'll be using google mail but at your domain, i.e.

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    Hope this page will help

    Found in less than 5 seconds using google.

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