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looking at mobile homes?

thinking of buying mobile home would like pro's and con's anything else that i might need to know

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  • Kevin
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    hace 9 años
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    Nothing positive about buying a mobile home. Waste of money.. Especially if you don't own the ground it's on.

  • Ranger
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    hace 9 años

    The materials used to build a "throw away" shelter are not the quality of site built homes. Specifically designed to last around 25 yrs and then be thrown away and a new one purchased. That is why they cost so much less than a site built homes.

    Resale is extremely hard, almost no market. Many double wides available set up in parks for less than $25,000 in my area. Would you purchase a used mobile home you know is past half it's life expectancy?

  • M W
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    hace 9 años

    No resale value

    Lot rent same as property taxes on standard home, and it goes up every year

    Homes very close to one another

    You cannot fence your yard for your dog

    Cabinets are cheap and cheesy

    Walls are very thin

    Appliances are low grade

    OK if you are a single senior citizen and can afford the monthly lot rent, lawn mowing and snow removal. When you die, your home has very little value, if you can sell it at all.

  • a p f
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    hace 9 años

    Look for a used one with land. The land is where the value is. Check what mh lots are renting for near the area you are looking at, to help value the land. Now, if the land can be subdivided, look at making mh park, then at a sale/rent of the mh and small lot, out of original tract.

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  • hace 9 años

    near impossible to get financing

    near impossible to re-sell

    per 1,000 homes sold, one mobile home is sold

    I have lived in one

    if you want cheap and cramped, except 60 ft, double expando, go for it

    Fuente(s): RE broker ex-occupant of mh
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