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haven't flown in 10 years?

what's it like now with these x-ray machines will i have to take everything out of my pockets or leave it in and walk through the machine or am i better off getting felt up and if i go into machine will i still be able to keep an eye on my stuff

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    Not all airports have the new body x-ray machines. You still have to take everything out of your pockets. I've been flying for 30 years, and I don't remember a time you didn't have to do that. Wear shoes that you can take off easily/put on - and wear socks! You will be walking barefoot on the floor until you get through security and get them back. There were benches/chairs at the airports I was at recently if you need to sit to take off/put on your shoes. Before I saw that there were benches, I even asked a security guard if it was okay for me to step out of line briefly to do this because I don't have the balance to do it standing up. (The answer was Of course! or Yes! or something like that.) There were bins to put all of your things in so it all stays together. If you have and bring your laptop, you need to take it out of the bag and put it in a bin by itself. I was through to the other side before my stuff came through the x-ray machine/conveyor belt so keeping an eye on it wasn't a problem. I actually had no issues at security and no long waits, but then maybe I was just flying at off times.

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    You have to take everything out of your pockets regardless of what machine you use.

    Yes you'll keep an eye on your stuff. No one can even take your bags until the end of the line where you pick it up

    Go to for more info

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    2 points you should take note of- don`t wear a belt and use shoes that slip on and off easily. Bellt and shoes both have to come off every time.

    And from my experience try not to have various types of metal in all your different pockets ( I had 3 types of currency, coins, as well as my foil wrapped gum, and a few trinkets all seperated, it was a disaster)

    Just grab one of the containers provided at screening and empty everything in, as long as you are organised it`s simple enough.

    And yes you can see everything, it stays right beside you the entire time on a conveyor belt, and if they open a bag it is done in front of you.

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    Take everything out of your pockets. If you sound the metal detector or show something on the full-body scanners, then you might get groped. I just flew two flights in the last few days, and didn't get groped or hassled, but I always make sure I don't have anything in my pockets.

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    No, theft is rampant. You'll lose your iPad while you get groped. At least if you get the scan, you'll only get cancer in 20 years and lose your iPad.

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