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Has My Email Address Been Hijacked?

I am getting emails from friends etc, asking why I have been sending them emails with no more than a link to a website.

There is no way I am doing this nor would I ever do it.

It seems that my email address could have been compromised by some imbecilic moron.

My PC protection is Windows Security Essentials Anti Virus program, the Windows Firewall & Lavasoft's free Ad-Aware program.

If my email address has been hijacked can anyone please offer any suggestions about what I can do about it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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  • Mike S
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    Your e-mail has not been stolen, hi-jacked....do not change anything including passwords....the culprit is usually a back door win 32 Trojan which is sending SPAM to all your contacts......download and scan with these 2 free utilities....



  • hace 10 años

    You don't say what email you use; if it's hotmail, or if you use facebook &c and your contacts are stored on-line. then S**T happens. Your pc security should be adequate, but a scan with Spybot wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately once your contacts and email address are out in the wild there's little you can do, other than to change you email and password, and have your contacts junk anything from your old address

  • hace 10 años

    Change your password etc asap as a precaution & peace of mind . It happened to me on facebook, I had a message from a friend about some photos , when opened it sent viral messages without my knowledge to others, I felt awful but fortunatly they realised it was not me. I am with Eset antivirus & firewall & use anti spy. I do a daily sceduled scan now, Many people reported the same problem.

  • hace 10 años

    It is possible that someone has gained access to your email. the best thing to do would be to change your password and make it something secure (including capitals and numbers) and to offer an alternative email address instead of a security question so that no one can reset ur password. This will keep out any email pirates = )

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  • Anónimo
    hace 10 años

    Change ur password..ur security questions..as soon as possible

    I think somebody has got access on ur email address......

    Hey its not hijacked..its hackd..

    Try those..they will surely work!!!

    Fuente(s): I too have microsft security essentials!!!
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