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Headphones Which Work Independent from the TV Audio Socket?

I have just purchased a Samsung 50" TV & find when I plug my headphones into the audio socket it mutes the sound from the TV.

My Panasonic TV did not do this & I could use my headphones without muting the TV sound & I could alter my headphone volume to the level I wanted & at the same time the volume could be controlled separately on the TV via it's remote control.

I am looking for a set of headphones which will allow me to listen to the TV independently from the TV sound system without having to plug the headphones into the audio socket on the TV & therefore muting the sound which prevents others from hearing it. The headphones will hopefully have an independent volume control.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

The reason I want these headphones is because I am hard of hearing & wish to be able to use them to listen to the audio without having to turn the TV volume up so high & disturb others.


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    There are several models out there that will allow TV audio to continue while also producing audio through your headphones.

    Sennheiser probably has the best options for your situation however, including some headphones for TV especially made for those hard of hearing.

    You can learn more about them here:


    Or I also have created an assistive listening/hard of hearing headphone suggestion page on my own headphone review site here:


    If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask away at the bottom of the assitive listening page of my website. Good luck.

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    I have 2 Philips tvs that have independent headphone volume, both are smaller sets,dont know if they are all that way its a must have for me I am hard of hearing and wear the phones while my wife listens to the set top speakers at a much lower volume. Wireless headphones are a must have!

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