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British citizens,,,do you like your monarchy?

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  • hace 10 años
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    Yes, very much, thank you.

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    They have no powers to remove the government, they have no powers at all, they are just there for show.

    They are not there to keep an eye on the government, the government has all the power and some people think that is right because the government was voted for by the people.

    If the royal family or the house of lords started to throw their weight around the government would soon put them in their place,

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  • hace 10 años

    With the Queen or king in power I feel the UK is much safer, I like the Idea of having King or Queen in the background keeping an eye on the prime minister. The Queen has the power to remove the Prime Minister No Hitler, Saddam, or Gaddafi, we got the balance just right with the Queen and the prime minister in power which work.

    To the entire moaner should we become republic one day and get rid of Royals, would you be happy to have someone like Ronald Reagan, George bush, Donald trump or Sarah Palin in power of Britain?

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  • Anónimo
    hace 10 años

    Iam not british, and I don´t even care about the media who is being crazy about them

    we have more other important things in our life

  • hace 10 años

    Yes we are one of the only countries that has one like something out of a story book with palaces guards and carriages they are great

  • hace 10 años

    Yes, i'm proud to be British

  • hace 10 años

    I'd much rather have the Royal Family than be stuck with Borat Obama.

  • Me
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    hace 10 años

    Yes I do. I like that when people think of Great Britain they think of the Queen and I like being part of that.

  • Josh
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    hace 10 años


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