fighting with a carrier company over a stolen item?

I received a package which was supposed to contain many items: one of them being a smart phone. it was not there. I am trying to do an insurance claim with the shipping company but they are saying that since someone signed for it at the door. It meant that we (I) approved that it was all in there. How can I fight this with them; what can I do/say?

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  • hace 1 década
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    I'm not so sure that your problem is with the carrier so much as it is with the seller, shipper. Based on your description, and not knowing the shippers details, i would question the seller/shipper. If they are a reputable company they should correct the problem, where as say you bought it from E-bay for example, you might have problems getting it resolved. My advice would be start with the seller/shipper and explain just what happened and if you cannot get it resolved Then contact the carrier for an insurance claim, providing you Did have insurance on the items. If not, best of luck..

  • hace 1 década

    I agree with the above. I have worked in insurance before. Your issue is with the seller and not the shipper.

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