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What is the recommended time to enjoy Japan for vacation?


Oh great. How much time will we need there?

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    It really depends on what you like. For me, my favourite time of year is either Spring (March-April) for the warm temperatures and the famous cherry blossoms, or Autumn (September-November) for the cooler temperatures and the beautiful fall colours which can be seen in the mountains.

    A lot of people also like Winter because of all the great skiing and snowboarding and also the Winter Festivals like the Sapporo Snow Festival.

    Sapporo Snow Festival

    Summer is really hot and humid but fun because of the numerous Summer festivals throughout Japan.

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    Depends on your taste. Spring is very beautiful anywhere including Japan, but you will be competing with crowds of people touring Japan for the same reason. If you are into Winter and cold weather, the Snow Festival in Sapporo is a sight not to be missed. Fall in the Japanese National Parks and places such as Kyoto is also very beautiful with the trees turning every shade of color imaginable.

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    Spring or Autumn is best. If you can spare 2 weeks, you can see a lot of the country.

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    Spring. It rains a lot in the summer...

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    spring. sakura sakura........

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