What device to record or monitor DATA USAGE while running internet.?

I have no choice but to trust what the internet provider told me what the monthly DATA USAGE that I used. Is there a device I can hook it between the enternet cable and computer enternet socket to check the UP & DOWN DATA rate? Just like I use a current meter to monitor the current, a frequency counter to check the frequency,a scope to see the data waveform. I studied the RS232 feature and the enternet cable structure. I knew which pins to check the TX and RX DATA waveform and frequency (same as bit rate). But there must have a simple device to show directly the DATA speed and usage like most internet provider monitor to its every user's DATA USAGE. I do not want to be fooled by the internet provider that charged extra fee for exceeding data usage . Or I do not want any malware website running in my computer to upload my data without my acknowledgement.


Day 2 : I found a small software called Net stat Live that can show the monthly data usage. I think that is what the internet provider used to monitor each user. Perhaps there was no hardware device to record internet DATA USAGE,after I used different ways to search for an answer.

My question is consider closed and solved by myself. Thanks to anyone who tried to give me an answer.

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    for a single PC directly connected to the broadband modem, the software package suggested by jr is the right way to go.

    There are hardware solutions, but they require hardware not normally found at the consumer level. The cheapest solution seems to be finding old Cisco network switches with mirroring built in that would echo all internet traffic to a monitoring PC. You may find this forum of use: http://forums.cnet.com/7723-7589_102-354487.html

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    i don't know such hardware

    but i m knowing one software which will tell you about data usage and will show which applications are downloading/uploading data from internet.

    Download Iobit advanced systemcare, it is having utility named as network monitor. This will count data usage and app using internet

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    Yes, it is possible. Normally the router doesn't support this feature but there is a ASDL 2+ router by belkin. Check it on: http://cgi.ebay.in/Belkin-New-N1-Vision-Wireless-R... )

    This one can monitor all that for you. But again, its an investment.

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