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i need to know a good place to give away used clothes?

I have a lot of clothes from my kids ad I would like to give it to people who really need it .I mean a neighborhood or a hospice near to waldorf md including dc . No salvation army or places like those I don't want anyone to make money of it .

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    "No salvation army or places like those I don't want anyone to make money of it ."

    Sigh. When you give your clothes to the Goodwill, you are helping to train people who are desperately seeking paid work, people who have never had a job, who lost their job because of making very poor choices (drugs, crime, prison, etc.), or who need to be retrained because they have suffered a disability. Goodwill uses its stores to train these people, who can often then go on to working in for-profit stores. In addition, the sales from the items in their stores goes to fund their training programs. And, ofcourse, the items in their stores end up going to people who *really* want them.

    Even the poorest people do not want used clothes. And even very new clothes are quite affordable for poor families.

    Learn more about the realities of donating things:

    Donating Things Instead of Cash or Time

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    Mayilla, dear, do you know what a hospice is?

    It's a place for people to die peacefully.

    Why on earth would they want your kids' old clothes?

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    How about Goodwill? We always gave there, and we went there occasionally to rummage. It was funny to see some of our old stuff in the store.

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    some how any you will find a place. But before giving,kindly wash it iron it and give it neatly.. If you are already in such a state of mind-thanks.

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