What software can monitor the download and upload data speed ?

As I go to internet,some time some hidden software or malware keeping upload my data or download junk advertisement to my computer. It there a tool can show the IN and OUT traffic of total data speed instantly. That help to identify some junk software or malware website was running at the back ground without my attention.


I found a software called Band Monitor,free for use. It is good enough to show the data train while I go to internet.

My question is solved by myself,finally.

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  • Bob
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    hace 1 década
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    There are several free ware ones ones on the net. I have used them and then i delete them as sometimes they have malware in them.

  • Anónimo
    hace 4 años

    in case you have a router you need to have the flexibility to try this in the configuration document. you are able to prioritize bandwidth and particular purposes can now only use what you specify. in spite of the undeniable fact that, in case you employ those purposes it might additionally shrink the overall performance you get carry of besides. i actually might only do away with them from the relationship altogether (project solved).

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