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advantages and disadvantages of masturbating?

does daily masturbation cause headache....pimples.....pain in the penis while pissing

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    Masturbation does not cause any physical problems unless you overdo it (five or more times daily). Then it only causes itching, redness, and slight soreness. There are many advantages. It helps prepare you for sex later on. My husband masturbated daily as a teenager, and he is an awesome lover! I masturbate a few times a week; it really helped me to know what I like/need from my lover plus it satisfied my sexual desires.

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    Well the biggest advantage one can arrive at is that does feel good once you have reached that orgasm. It is the safest sex you will ever have no worries about getting sem kind of STD or a girl pregnant. You get to learn what you like and dislike, some great fantasy thoughts while doing that. It helps with tension. Some will say it helps prevent prostate cancer but I think the jury is still out on that.

    Now the disadvantages would be. Finding a private place to do your thing. Cleaning up the mess,

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    No to all of those. However, if your diet is heavy in sugars and trans fatty acids (take outs) then you might get a bit tired from jacking off a lot. Loads of fresh fruit and veges is what helps keep things ticking along.

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    no advantages at all guit can be one jus for a while.

    it relieves tension and anxiety

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    it does not.

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    no, it doesn't

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