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what Type of bones should i give to my dog to eat?

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    If you want average bone treats, I suggest milkbones or the dental bones for dogs. If you want to give them an actual bone, you should go with a rawhide bone. Dogs absolutely love those. Also, take consideration into how big your dog is. Don't give him or her a monstrous bone that they can't carry around, but don't give them a bone that is too small to where they could easily swallow and choke on the bone. And remember: NEVER give your dog chicken bones or anything small like that. Dogs can easilt choke on them and it may get stuck in their throat.

  • hace 1 década

    Raw Marrow Bones or Bully Sticks

    Fuente(s): Raw Marrow Bones, you can usually get at the butcher -- Bully Sticks, you can usually get from the petstore --
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    You should buy a bone from a pet store, ask the person there which bone would be best for your type of dog. Thats what I did :)

  • hace 1 década

    Raw bones only - never cooked!

    You can give chicken wings raw and or frozen - excellent for cleaning teeth. If your dog is large a chicken carcass can also be used.

    Have a look for raw feeding there will be useful info on there.

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  • hace 1 década

    Raw ones.

    Or, milk bones,rawhide,pig ears.

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