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¿las mejores canciones de rap en ingles?

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    Espanglish (Chicano):

    Cypress Hill—Insane in the brain


    Put it down

    Tequila sunrise

    iLegalez—1,2,3 maricas van a caer

    Jae-P—No soy de aquí, no soy de alla

    Mexakinz—The wake up show

    Yolanda Perez—Estoy enamorada

    Ingles americano:


    Getto Gospel

    Still Ballin

    50 Cent—In da club

    B-Real—Trust no man

    Biggie Smalls—Gimmie the loot

    Chamillionaire—Turn it up


    Comp—Do sumptin

    Coolio—Gangsta’s paradise

    D&D All Stars—1,2 past it (remix)

    Damian Marley—Road to Zion

    Defari—Likwir rhyming

    DMX—Where da hood at

    Dr Dre—Aint nothing but a g thang

    Big egos

    Deep cover

    Still Dre

    Whats the difference between

    Eminem—Without me



    G Unit—My buddy

    Popping them thangs

    Geto boys—Mind playin´ tricks on me

    Gorillaz—Clint eastwood

    Guerrilla Black—What we gonna do

    House of Pain—In the men

    Jump around

    Ice Cube—Gangsta nation

    Gangstarap made me do it

    Ice T—New jack hustler

    O. G. Original gangster

    Inspectah Deck—Gotta Bang

    Ja Rule—Clap Back


    Jay-Z—Empire state of mind

    Jedi Mind Tricks—On the eve of war

    Jurassic 5—What¨s golden

    Keith Murrai—Yeah yeah you know it

    KRS-One—MCs act like they don´t know

    LL Cool J—Mama said knock you out

    Luniz—I got 5 on it

    Mad Lion—Gotta get nive

    MC Hammer—It´s all good

    Method Man—America´s most


    Brong the pain

    Da Rockwilder

    Mob Deep—Got it twisted

    Shook ones

    Survival of the fittest

    Nathaniel Dawkins—Bring it on

    Naughty by Nature—Hip hop hooray

    Notorious BIG—Runnin´

    NWA—Straight outta Compton



    Throw ya gunz

    Public Enemy—Fight the power

    Run-Dmc—Ooh watcha gonna do

    Scarface—In cold blood

    Slim Thug—Click clack

    Snoop Dogg—Gin and juice


    Whats my name

    Sway—The anthem

    Tech nine—Caribou lou

    TI—Tha king

    Vinnie Paz—Drag you to hell

    Warren G—The game don´t wait

    WC—The streets

    Will Smith—Men in Black


    Wu Tang Clan—Gravel Pit

    M-E-T-H-O-D man


    Bitch please¡¡¡


    Criminal set

    Figure it out

    Front to back

    Get your walk on

    Hey now

    Mother mother



    Say my name

    What you see is what you get


    Ying Yang Twins—Badd

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    la que mas me gusta es la de stan de eminem

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