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What is the best ceramic flat iron?

I want to buy a good flat iron but im undecided which one.. Any body knows of a good Straightener? so far i have these top 3...




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    It's good to see CHI isn't on your list, considering most of the people who swear by CHI obviously haven't tried anything better. Most CHI's are a hassle when they break, especially if your warranty ran out.

    Now, I on the other hand have tried 5 main flat irons; CHI, GHD, Sedu, Solia, & FHI.

    In terms of ranking/performance, Sedu + FHI are probably your best bet. These are top of the line, salon quality flat irons. They heat up within 10 seconds, no snags, and they don't damage your hair as much as drug-store flat irons. They are quite expensive, though. They range between $90-$250

    Second best would have to be Solia + GHD. They both heat up within 25 seconds, although they CAN snag your hair occasionally. What I like about the Solia is that it comes in an array of colours, I personally have the black and blue one ;]. These are a LOT cheaper. I purchased my Solia on for $79.99, and the GHD I borrowed from my friend was around $90 where she bought it.

    I don't even need to tell you about CHI. Their flat irons are poorly produced, but their hair products on the other hand are AMAZING.

    What I liked about the Sedu was that it made my hair extremely soft, silky, and heated up fairly quickly. I could also use it on slightly damp hair if I was in a rush. Their blowdryers are amazing aswell!

    What's wrong with Solia would probably be that it CAN snag from time to time, not that often, but it does if you have really bad split ends.

    FHI vs. GHD.. FHI heats up quicker, doesn't snag, has a higher heat setting, and overall lasts longer. GHDs CAN break, it doesn't happen often, but more frequently than FHI. I also like the colour of FHI, the GHD reminds me too much of a CHI.

    Hope this helps!

    - Jesse

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    Sedu has been rated and has recieved awards for the number one best brand of hair products. Amika's are good while they last, but the cords tneds to difuse very easily, usually within a span of 6 months-1 year. Which means the heat will stop getting as hot as it would when first purchased, and eventually it will stop heating altogether. Solia is okay.

    In my opinion and experience though, Tool Science products (flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers) have been the best that I have ever used. I've accidently left on my flat iron for 8 hours at a time, and it has never malfunctioned or difused. The ceramics are smoother and have also made my hair smoother and healthier than I've ever had. Plus, Tool Science is cheaper financial-wise.

    I advise you not to get a chi. The way the ceramics are attached leads to your hair breaking off. I have had many and they all led to that happening.

    Hope this helped:)

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    As mentioned Sedu's are generally the highest rated flat irons out and surprisingly they're not incredibly expensive (like the GHDs). Just do yourself a favor and buy your flat iron from a reputable vendor, in the particular case of Sedu they're are a lot of sites selling fake Sedu's, let's not forget that flat irons aren't all that hard to copy.

    One of the best things about Sedu is that they come with a two year warranty if you buy through

    In addition this link also has thousands of reviews for various products which should help make your decision easier:

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    I heard GHD is the best. But it's the most expensive.

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