i want to stretch my ears, how do i start?

i have never had my ears pierced at all before, and so i want to start stretching, but i just don't know how this goes about.

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    first, make sure your ears are healed up from piercing them, if they were done with a gun it takes longer for them to heal because its more traumatic, you should wait 6 months to a year before stretching them.

    next figure out your gauge, if you were pierced with a gun you are most likely a 20g or an 18g. if it was done by a needle then it could be a 16g, or even possibly a 18g though it could be larger or smaller. if you are not sure then go to a shop and you can have your ears measured to figure it out.

    you will want to go gauge by gauge and not skip to reduce your risk of cat butt effect, and tearing, as well as blow outs - remember, treat your ears good and they will be good to you.

    if you are at an 18g or a 20g, if you wanted you can go straight to a 14g as it is not much of a difference, some people suggest going straight to a 12 but i feel that its a bit too much. if you don't want to go straight to a 14g, you do not have to, you can start at a 16g. i myself went straight to a 14g.

    i find that it is much easier to buy a stretching kit instead of buying taper by taper and plug by plug, you can get a stainless steel set that goes from 14-0 includes your plugs, for both ears of course for each gauge, and its about 50 bucks with free shipping, i calculated it when i started and you save about 48 bucks or so getting this kit rather then buying everything individually, you can find the kit here: http://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/fulltapersandplugs...

    they also have a different style plug here: http://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/fulltapersandplugs...

    it does not matter which set you get, they both will work fine, same things are included for the same price just one doesn't have a hole in the center of all the plugs.

    next you will want a lube, you can use a variety of things, such as vitamin e oil, jojoba oil (the J's are pronounced as H's), holy but'r, and you may also use water based sex lubes too.

    i use jojoba oil myself and i very much enjoy it, you don't need to use alot, a tiny bit goes a LONG way its also very moisturizing and doesn't have a scent to it. using lube will make it go in a little bit easier, help prevent tears and blow outs also.

    you will also need a mild antibacterial unscented liquid soap, or non-iodized sea salt, if you want, get both; sea salt is very good for you it naturally cleans and pulls all of the impurities out of your ear, it also sooths and speeds healing. it is very important that you get non-iodized sea salt because iodized and table salt contain iodine which can irritate you.

    find yourself a cup, a drinking glass will do just fine and add warm water to it, tap is fine. then dissolve 1/4 of a teaspoon into every 8oz of water. soak for 5-10 minutes. if you would like to you can get H2Ocean spray which is sea salt premixed in a can that's like a hair spray can. you can find it here: http://aftercare.h2ocean.com/

    if your soaking your ears leave your jewelry in, if you take it out you may have troubles with the whole shrinking and not being able to place the jewelry back in your ear.

    for soap, dial can sometimes be a little harsh, and generic brands are more toned down; you can get one of those, also provon antimicrobial medicated soap is highly recommended you can find that here: http://www.kingsbodyjewelry.com/blackstainlessstee...

    never use alcohol, peroxide, or bactine to clean your ears, they are much too harsh and can damage tissue delaying healing.

    clean your ears 2-3 times a day until they are healed

    don't use antibiotic ointments such as neosporin because they are petroleum based and its hard to get off your skin, it also keeps your ear from breathing and can let bad bacteria sit in your ear where you do not want it.

    do not use acrylic, silicone, bone, or organics for new stretches, they are porous materials and can stick to your ear, stretching causes micro-tears and therefore tissue is exposed to the material and it can grow into the pores causing problems.

    the best things to wear are implant grade stainless steel and high polished implant grade titanium. you can also wear glass too.

    from a 16g to about an 8g you do not need as long of a time to heal because the stretches aren't as big of jumps they are also pretty small so they heal quicker because there isn't as much to heal. you can wait about 2 weeks or so, if you feel that you need to wait longer by all means do it! its better to wait longer periods it makes stretching go easier and safer. after an 8g is a 6g, there is about a 0.8mm difference which will be huge compared to what you are used to. you should wait about a month or so for it to heal from there. healing is different for everyone, it may take you longer to heal, its usually best to stretch every other month or so for all stretches, or even longer for ones over 0g as they are bigger and there is more to heal.

    listen to your body, if it doesn't want to stre

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    Well theres two ways you could go about this:

    First, you could get your ears pierced at the regular 18 or 20g needle. And then after your ears are done healing, you could start stretching and buy the next size up, and going from there, on until the your at the size you want to be at.

    Or, you could get your ears pierced with a larger needle, such as a 10g or anywhere up to a 4g. Then, when your ears are done healing you could stretch up gradually and size up. You will already be ahead in sizes.

    It really just depends on how big you eventually want to stretch your ears to.

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    1. go to a piercing shop and get your ears pierced. (they use needles which are better than guns. do NOT get your ears pierced with a gun).

    2. give them enough time to heal.

    3. buy a larger pair of earrings. (when you get them pierced, that's usually around an 18g, the bigger the number, the smaller the size. so when you "go up a size" you'd be going from an 18g to a 16g, and the 16 is bigger.)

    4. after a hot shower, lube up the earring with plenty of neosporin, and push it through. leave it be. no twisting or touching. it will be healed in roughly 2 weeks.

    5. buy more earrings (you can use horseshoes, tapers, pinchers, spirals, doesn't matter as long as there is a small pointy end that you can slide in your hole to make it bigger.

    6. wait at least 2 weeks between every size and DO NOT SKIP SIZES.

    7. here is the progression: 18g--> 16g--> 14g--> 12g--> 10g--> 8g--> 6g--> 4g--> 2g--> 0g--> 00g (double zero) from here it is measured in fractions of an inch. take it slow, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me from my email listed on my profile.

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    buy a stretcher, but remember not to do it too fast, i went from nothing to a 3 then from 3 to a 6 and now im left with a scar.

    try to go up in 2 mm, so buy a 2, then 4, then 6 etc. and remember not to go too big, my friend stretched hers to like a 14 and took it out a year ago, its not still about a 4 or 6. so just be careful (:

    ooh and use surgical spirit to keep it clean, works a charm :D

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    thats nasty man. dont do it. think of being an old man with nasty stretched out ears. sure theyll look kinda cool while youre young, but you'll look like trash later. unless this is for some tribal thing,

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    Buy gaguges. Start with 16's or 14's & work your way up.








    & so on.

    The bigger the number, the smaller it is.

    Neosporin helps a lot when going up a size.

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    Get a flesh tunnel, start off with a small one then gradually work the size up.

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