Does Summer daylight saving time was the most stupid idea to fool ourself ?

Why we fool ourself by turning the clock forward and backward twice a year ? I did not see any energy saving because buildings still turned on all the lights day and night. Now it even advancing it happens in March. I feel so badly for the North part of USA and whole Canada where the snow is still on the ground in March,and they want to enjoy the so called Summer saving time ? Many smart countries in the world scrapped this stupid idea long time ago. Why not happen to us ??


Good jokes from all !

I want to hear more !! I really hate to adjust 20 clocks and watches for home,car,VCR,TV. camera,stove.

I never change the standard time for my car because I knew it is going to change back within few months.

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    You are exactly right...... Government impose us to implement day light saving yet people close their shops late at night because customers are more at night than in the morning.... so its a preety stupid idea....

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    Not every business keeps its lights on 24/7. There is enough of a saving of electricity to make it worthwhile. Live with it.

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    hi, Lee, it is not any longer power Saving Time; it is sunlight hours Saving Time. enable's evaluate the position the sunlight is at diverse situations of the day throughout the time of diverse seasons. in the wintry climate, at the same time as sunlight hours Saving Time is _not_ in result, the sunlight is (as close as plausible to) instantly overhead at midday. It rises a particular variety of hours earlier midday, and it gadgets about an same variety of hours after midday. So, for instance, on a particular day it may upward thrust at 12 - 5 = 7AM and set at 12 + 5 = 5PM. As wintry climate turns to spring and then summer season, the sunlight is up for steadily more desirable longer classes. So possibly sometime it is up from 6AM to 6PM, and yet another from 5AM to 7PM, and ultimately--to take it to the bright--from 4AM to 8PM. Now, to be sure that us to exploit the prolonged sunlight hours, we ought to opt for to awaken earlier 4AM! Benjamin Franklin realized that, if we were to shift the time ahead by technique of an hour, the sunlight hours ought to very last from 5AM to 9PM, that is more desirable accessible to our well-known sleep cycles. bear in thoughts, at the same time as Franklin "invented" sunlight hours Saving Time, maximum human beings did not paintings in workplace homes with electric powered light fixtures. :-) Their well-known source of light replaced into the sunlight. So it replaced into effective for human beings to be unsleeping at the same time as the sunlight replaced into out. i'm hoping that sheds some gentle on the problem for you.

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    because we are lemmings - and the government loves to control the serfs

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