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Cake decorating classes at michaels?

I would like to know how much is the cost for the cake decorating classes at michaels???? They have 4 levels, i have to pay for each one??? It has to be only english or it doesnt matter if i preffer spanish???

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    The classes vary in price. If you go to the Michaels website, it will say if the cake classes are discounted in price for the coming month. You also could just go to your local Michaels and ask what the price for the class will be. You have to pay for each class (assuming you want to take all four classes). You are paying for the instruction, you would still have to pay separately for the decorating kit and all extra supplies that will be needed for the class. I don't know if Michaels is international. Assuming the store is not, then you are stuck with it being taught in english.

    Fuente(s): I took Course I, II and the Fondant and Gumpaste course
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    Michaels Cake Decorating Classes Cost

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    Yes I agree with what's been answered

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    I've no idea about this

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